Friday, February 10, 2012

The Grilled Cheesy Tuna Experiment

We were just sitting there watching American Pickers and looking up stuff online - you know, your average Friday night.  It was time to kick up the excitement level.

So I decided to experiment.  Food, of course, was the subject.

I have this cool new griddle.  It's not fancy, it's a big flat nonstick surface with a temperature dial.  No bells or whistles, just a regular griddle. And we had some tuna, and some cheeses, and some banana pickles and some bread.  How about...if we put that all together...

I mixed 1 large can of tuna (12 oz.), and about 1/4 cup sliced mild banana peppers - you'll likely find them somewhere near the olives in the grocery store.  Then added 2 Tablespoons mayo, and stirred.  (This makes enough for 4 sandwiches.)

With the griddle heated to about 350 degrees, I placed 3 pieces of bread on it - a thin-sliced Pepperidge Farm oatmeal bread, lightly oiled with olive oil.  Then layered the cheeses:  Colby-Pepper Jack, American,  and Provolone.  One on each of the 3 slices that were starting to warm on the griddle.

Oh-so-scientifically, (since this was an experiment, you know?) I generously plopped some of the tuna/banana pepper/mayo mixture onto each cheesy slice, then covered with another kind of cheese. 

One had pepper jack with american, one had cheddar (had some grated cheddar around, too) with provolone, one had pepper jack with get the picture...each with a layer of tuna mixture tucked between. 

I threw a layer of finely chopped green olives on T's because he has the kind of love for olives that makes him want them in everything.  I think they're ok...but not in EVERYthing...
I flipped them so that the other side would brown, then turned it down just a little, and left them on long enough to make sure each sandwich was warm all the way through.  Tuna salad is really good warm.

Of course I cut them diagonally, because that's how I do.

All the varieties were excellent.  I especially liked the kick of the pepper jack.  T especially liked the olives.

The Grilled Cheesy Tuna Experiment was a success. 

It's Friday night.

Life is good, and so were the sandwiches.

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