Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rotary. And the easiest chicken dinner!

When I was growing up, the only thing I knew about Rotary International was that it was a bunch of dad-and-grandpa-age businessmen who had 'meetings' in the Geranium Room, above the Dog & Suds in Sparta.  My friend Rhonda's dad ran the Dog & Suds, and the only reason I knew as much as I did about this semi-mysterious (to an 11-year-old) "Rotary" (what DID they do? nobody seemed to know) was that they had flags, and plaques, and songbooks on the piano...up there, in the Geranium Room, where we also had jr. high slumber parties, birthday parties, and any occasion we could find to play Truth or Dare, in addition to pondering serious questions like, "How do you really make someone pass out by pressing on their neck?"  This was way before serious boyfriends and drinking and all of that.  Simple fun.  

Fast forward a few decades.  About a year ago, I was seeking opportunities to meet new people and perhaps do something meaningful.  The answer to this question turned out to be Rotary International - a club that's very active in Carbondale, Illinois, and thousands of locations all around the world.  One of my good friends introduced me to the club - a (delicious! buffet!) lunchtime meeting once a week - a meeting of minds with one goal: helping others.  Check out the new Rotary. It's not your grandfather's club any more. A lot of fun people are connecting through Rotary - international projects are still a goal, always with a humanitarian edge - and the past year has been a great opportunity to find out all about it! 

On Wednesdays - because that's the day of my nice big lunch at Rotary (today was chicken and dumplings and a nice big salad!) - dinner is somewhat subdued at our house.  A quick stop at Kroger, a couple of baked potatoes popped in the oven, and voila!!

My not-so-secret, easiest chicken dinner ever.

What, you were expecting a recipe? 

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